Audio & Video

Audio & Video Systems


Ability to make announcements, page and employee, and warning announcements


Custom cut-in pop up boxes on conference table for audio, video, electrical, and data connections

Flat Screens, Monitors & Projectors

Wall mounted TV’s, installation of monitors and projectors with hidden wires

Conference Rooms

Installation of projectors, voice and data outlets, and pop up boxes

Sound Masking/White Noise

Background noise to greater improve the working environment

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the benefits to having white noise installed in an office area?

    A: White noise/sound masking reduces distractions and most importantly increases privacy.

    Q: What tables am I limited to for installing pop-up boxes?

    A: Wooden conference tables are most suitable for a pop up box to be cut in and installed.

    Q: Am I able have different paging zones?

    A: Yes. The paging system can be set up to page different zones in different parts of the building or office.