Phone & Paging Systems

Phone Systems
  • Multi-Cell wireless
  • PC based programming
  • Networking with centralized voicemail
Voicemail Systems

Traditional voicemail and automated attendant

Hybrid Phone Systems

Combination of digital and VoIP phone systems

Paging Systems

Avaya paging system installation, support and service contracts

White Noise Systems

Supported Brands Include: Panasonic, Speech Privacy Systems, Bogen Communications, Quam, Valcom and Viking

Cell Phone Repeater Systems

CellAntenna and Cell-Max

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my old phones work with my new system?

A: Typically no, but Panasonic’s Hybrid Systems are backwards compatible.

Q: Am I able to set my phone system up to record phone calls?

A: Yes, voice recording can be set up save phone conversations to your voicemail box.

Q: I have multiple cell phone carriers within my building. Is there a universal cell phone repeater that works for all of the companies?

A: Yes, depending on the model of cell repeater that you purchase.