Structured Cabeling

Structured Cabling Installation and Testing

Fiber & Copper

Single-Mode and Multi-Mode fiber optics as well as Cat5e, Cat6, copper cabling infrastructure, fusion splicing, emergency repairs and splicing

Aerial & Underground

Aerial and underground boring with copper or fiber optic cable

Copper & Fiber Testing

Certified testing of both copper cables and fiber with results sent out to the customer after the completion of the job

Equipment & MDF Relocation

Relocate existing wiring and networking equipment

Fiber & Copper

Existing cable management, cable trays and racks, MDF/IDF clean up

Building & Design

Custom data centers, data racks, cabinets, and server rooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When planning on installing access points, what cable do you recommend pulling to the locations?

A: CAT6A cable. CAT6A offers a speed of 10Gbps which is the industry standard.

Q: What is the difference between single-mode and multi-mode fiber and how would I determine which would be the best for my infrastructure?

A: Single-mode fiber has a smaller diameter of 9 microns while Multi-mode fiber ranges from 50 to 62.5 microns. Bandwidth would determine which is needed. Single-mode max bandwidth is 100GB. 50 micron OM4 Multi-mode fiber is 10GB at 400m and 62.5 micron Multi-mode max bandwidth is 1GB at 300m.

Q: What is the difference in speed between CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6A cable?

A: CAT5e has a top speed of 1000Mbps, CAT6 has a top speed of 10Gbps at 37 meters, and CAT6A has a top speed of 10Gbps at 100 meters.

Access Control

Access Control Systems

Proximity Cards and Key Fobs

Administrator control of who has access to what doors and specific time frames in-house

Physical Barriers

Turnstile, stadium gate, optical turnstile, man trap, parking gate, elevator, electro-magnetic locking door

Software Installation

Installation and maintenance of access control software

Systems and Peripherals

Mag-Lock™, Card Reader®, AXIS, Honeywell NetAXS, Infinias, S2 / Pronto, Fargo, HES, HID, Ingersoll Rand, Locknetics, Securitron, Von Duprin

Technical Support

24-hour technical support and service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a maximum number of people that can be added to the access control software?

A: Limits vary by the system in which is being installed. Most systems can have over 1000.

Q: Is giving access to certain doors something I can do on my own or will a technician need to be called in?

A: With training, the customer, usually the HR rep, can add and delete people off of the system or a technician will be happy to help.

Q: What types of doors can access control be installed on?

A: Any door can be fitted with an access control system with the correct installation hardware.

Security Camera

Security Camera Systems

Hardware & Software Installation

Engineering a complete solution suited to fit the needs of each individual client

Technical Support & Service Contracts

Assist and support all systems, pre and post-installation

Camera Features

PTZ, Fixed, Convert, Domed, Wide Angle, Infrared, Thermal, Analog, PoE, DVR, NVR, HDVR, LAN & WAN, 360° view

Interior & Exterior Cameras

Get peace of mind by monitoring sensitive areas.  Wired and wireless systems, capture with confidence!

Wired & Wireless Systems

Point to point wireless connectivity camera and hard wired cameras

System Brands

Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Pelco, Mobotix, Sony, Speco, Samsung, OnSSI, Exacq Technologies, Hanwha and Milestone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I convert my old analog system to an IP system?

A: Yes, a hybrid system or encoder can be installed but will not change the quality of the existing camera(s).

Q: Am I able to remotely control where a camera points?

A: Yes, but only with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

Q: What is the maximum number of IP cameras I can have at my facility?

A: Unlike older analog style cameras with limited inputs, the limit is based on the capacity of the hard drive and software with IP cameras.

Audio Video

Audio & Video Systems


Ability to make announcements, page and employee, and warning announcements


Custom cut-in pop up boxes on conference table for audio, video, electrical, and data connections

Flat Screens, Monitors & Projectors

Wall mounted TV’s, installation of monitors and projectors with hidden wires

Conference Rooms

Installation of projectors, voice and data outlets, and pop up boxes

Sound Masking/White Noise

Background noise to greater improve the working environment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits to having white noise installed in an office area?

A: White noise/sound masking reduces distractions and most importantly increases privacy.

Q: What tables am I limited to for installing pop-up boxes?

A: Wooden conference tables are most suitable for a pop up box to be cut in and installed.

Q: Am I able have different paging zones?

A: Yes. The paging system can be set up to page different zones in different parts of the building or office.

Phone & Paging

Phone & Paging Systems

Phone Systems
  • Multi-Cell wireless
  • PC based programming
  • Networking with centralized voicemail
Voicemail Systems

Traditional voicemail and automated attendant

Hybrid Phone Systems

Combination of digital and VoIP phone systems

Paging Systems

Avaya paging system installation, support and service contracts

White Noise Systems

Supported Brands Include: Panasonic, Speech Privacy Systems, Bogen Communications, Quam, Valcom and Viking

Cell Phone Repeater Systems

CellAntenna and Cell-Max

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my old phones work with my new system?

A: Typically no, but Panasonic’s Hybrid Systems are backwards compatible.

Q: Am I able to set my phone system up to record phone calls?

A: Yes, voice recording can be set up save phone conversations to your voicemail box.

Q: I have multiple cell phone carriers within my building. Is there a universal cell phone repeater that works for all of the companies?

A: Yes, depending on the model of cell repeater that you purchase.

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